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We Will Get Back Out There!!!

But maybe not quite yet.

Yesterday the collection of back of the class Eton chancers we call a government announced plans for the opening of gyms and fitness facilities.

Culture Secretary, and your auntie's creepy driving instructor, Oliver Dowden proudly declared that from July 25th, gyms will be able to reopen as long as the facility follows COVID safe procedures.

Outdoor swimming pools and outdoor group fitness sessions can start on the 11th of July.

Which is tomorrow!!!

But the maximum limit of 6 people from different households meeting up outside has still not been lifted.

I'm dying to get back to the forest. I've really missed seeing everyone and the buzz from a great group session, but given the ongoing 6 person restrictions, it just isn't possible to restart the sessions quite yet.

Also, I really don't want to rush into it. I want to make sure that I've taken all the measures I can to ensure that the sessions are COVID safe. I also want to make sure that the new COVID safe sessions still provide everyone a programme that is fun and enjoyable.

So, I'm going to take the Scottish approach.

Keep doing what I'm doing for a little bit longer, see how things develop and plan an effective return to training outside from the beginning of September.

That means we're doing one more 6-week block of online sessions before we triumphantly return to the great outdoors and the delights of Epping Forest.

For those of you that already come to the sessions, you'll be familiar with the timetable by now and we'll continue with that structure for the next block.

For anybody looking to join us for the first time see below for a summary of the focus of each session along with a few examples of the sessions from the last block. We run these sessions live over Zoom and then provide a video for everyone who couldn't make the session via YouTube.

We've upgraded the camera and the YouTube videos are now in glorious 1080 HD, so you can see exactly how much sweat is on the floor by the end of the session.

The special lockdown pricing of the programme is £35 for the 6-week block, an absolute steal. If you fancy signing up for one more round online before we get back out there, drop me a line at

All the best


At 9:30 on Wednesdays, we work on strength with slower more controlled moves that really build the strength of your core

Fridays at 9:30, we build up our endurance with the conditioning session. It's challenging stuff but you know you've had a workout by end of it.

Then we HIIT (see what I did there?) Sunday hard with a shorter high-intensity session.


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