These sessions are the next step for runners who can comfortably run for 30 minutes and want to work on building their speed and compete in some races. 

The sessions are structured in 6 weekly blocks. The programme's focus this term is on improving our lactate threshold or rather our ability to hold a fast pace for longer before we have to slow down. We'll do some simple testing at the start along with a little video work and then retest at the end of the programme.

We’ll look at technique, hill running speed intervals, tempo training and fartlek. We will focus on building your speed endurance to keep strong over the full race distance. 

The sessions follow a similar structure to the Walker 2 Runner programme. We’ll meet once a week on Saturday and you’ll have a programme of runs and supporting strength moves to work with over the week. 

This is a friendly supportive group of runners where no-one is left behind. Whether you want to just build some speed or peak towards a race we’ll give you everything you need to achieve your goals. 

All running groups are suspended during the COVID-19 outbreak

I'm afraid all the running groups are suspended until the pandemic ends. It's not really possible to do group running training without being there in person.

We will be back though so drop me a line or give me a call and I'll add you to the mailing list and you'll be updated as soon as we're back, up, and running.

Take care everyone.

Tel: 07813104384  | 

How fit do I have to be?

You must be able to run comfortably for at least 30 minutes. This is more challenging work and not intended for beginners.

How long are the sessions?

Each session lasts an hour. This includes a full warm-up, we then do some focused technical work depending on the nature of the session, then it's the main run workout, followed by a cool down jog and stretch. 

How to join the group

Call me on 07813104384 or drop me an email.

When is the course held?

The next course starts on Saturday, February 29th at 9 am.

How much?

The cost is £35 for the 6-week programme.

Where are the classes?

We meet by the bus stop at the top of Forest Road and move into the forest to train on the covered reservoir (known as the big circle) which is 400m in circumference and perfect for the kind of work we'll be doing. There's also no shortage of hills or more technical trails depending on where we are in the programme and the goal of the session.


1 session a week for 6 weeks with a run & strength programme


“I wanted to run just a little bit faster, but after looking at the masses of training advice on the internet, I couldn’t make any sense whatsoever of all the advice on ‘intervals’, ‘pyramids’, ‘tempo runs’, and ‘Yasso 800s’.  So I just kept plodding on, and on, and on.   However, when I saw the course I signed up for it.  With a different session every Saturday, and a set course to follow during the week, I ended up knowing my Yassos from my Fartleks, and knocked a whole two minutes off my PB as well.   And although I still don’t stretch enough, I guess even Michael can’t make miracles happen.” - Christopher Fitch

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