No it's not the next round of Strictly. It's the next Bootcamp programme. The days are getting longer and brighter and thoughts are turning to sandy Summers and swimwear (Daddy, please don't wear your Speedos on the beach this year. PLEASE!!!).

In order to get into the shape you want for the holidays, you need to know where you are now. This is where fitness tests come in. Measurable and replicate-able (is that a word?). This programme sets down some markers from 6 tests at the start, then repeats the tests on week 6 to see how far you've come. In the intervening weeks the programme focuses on key elements of the tests and improves performance in each.

So, "What use is this to me?" you say. "I don't come to your classes". Well here's what we're doing. Have a go yourself and let me know how you get on.

Apologies for the sound quality for some of that. Just in case it isn't clear, here are the tests for you written down.

Test 1 V02 Max: Beep Test.

The Standard test has 21 levels, and each level consists of a different number of shuttles. The test is performed by running between two markers placed 20 meters (65.6 feet) apart, at an increasing pace as indicated by the beeps. The test ends when you can no longer keep pace, or level 21 is completed.


  • Beep Fitness Test App.

  • Two or more markers, e.g. traffic cones.

  • A flat surface, suitable for running, which is at least 20m long with adequate space at each end for coming to a stop.


  1. Place markers 20 meters apart.

  2. Position yourself, or athletes, at one of the markers.

  3. Press the start button of the Beep Fitness Test app.

  4. Run 20 meters to the opposite marker, getting there before the next beep sounds.

  5. Wait there until the beep sounds before running back to the other marker.

  6. Repeat this process for each shuttle until you are unable to keep up with the beeps. Remember, you must wait for the beep before starting the next shuttle.

  7. When you miss a beep you must continue to run to the marke