Be Great Outdoors - My 3 Favourite Waterside Runs

I moved to London in 1996. A still very naïve 25 year-old, wandering through Hammersmith with a rucksack, a cd player (ask your parents) and bag of coat hangers (don't ask). A small-town boy moving to the big city, leaving behind the lush rolling Welsh hillside and trading it in for the noise and excitement of London.

Those first few months were quiet and to be honest a little lonely. The streets of Hammersmith threw up smoke and noise that made me feel even further from home.

There was something special about London though. Even though it sprawls across the South-East, blob-like, consuming the small towns along it's outskirts it harbours treasure after treasure, which makes it the greatest city in the world.

I explored through running. Slipping on my shoes and stepping out from my house behind Charing Cross hospital; warmed up a little and just ran.

Step by step the hum of the Hammersmith flyover disappeared into the distance. I had no idea where I was going or how I'd get back, then for the first time I saw it. The river.

There was something compelling about the Thames, muddily snaking London in half, from the wealth of Barnes and Richmond through to the old city's industrial heart of the Isle of Dogs and Woolwich.

It's a gateway to explore the city and these are 3 of my favourite runs.

1. Run The Bridges.